I-phone Applications

I-Phone Application

we will highlight essential iPhone and iPad apps in a variety of categories. We will show off apps that display excellent design, functionality, features and value. Or, most often, a combination of those desirable traits. Whether you’re looking to boost your productivity, take advantage of important data or just have a little fun, we’ll recommend great iOS apps to suit your needs.


Best iOS apps

With each app in the series, we’ll explain what it does, the kind of user it’s for, and why it’s great. We won’t present apps in any particular order. Ultimately, the list will form a collection of 50 great iOS apps.

We chose apps because they offer great value for your money. Or because they rank tops in their class or do something useful that no other application does. Sometimes, they will do all of the above.

Basically, everything featured in our 50 Essential iOS Apps series will prove too good to miss.

We’ve got our list of 50 essential iOS apps nailed down, and we’ll be adding them below as we publish them over the next few weeks. If there’s an iOS app you think should be included — one that truly stands out as a must-have — let us know in the comments. When all’s said and done, perhaps we’ll run a People’s Choice roundup including your favorite iOS apps.